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Supernatural - Magic Fingers (Dean/Jo)

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created on March 11, 2007

Dean and Jo can't have sex together on the show so Dean has to find a way to improvise.

I know I already used this song for a Heroes video, but that "magic fingers" scene in Houses of the Holy was too good to leave untouched.

Comments are total love. Download link can be provided upon request.

Download links (two file formats):

Sendspace (mpg, 41.6 mb)
Sendspace (wmv, 11.3 mb)


"I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls.

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Thats awesome, I love it when he does that brow thing he does:)
Ohhh yeah. It kills me every time. ;) I'm glad you liked it!
love the video download please
Adding them now. ;) Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. =D

Oh, hell, I think I lurve you. *snerk* But seriously? That was the best pervy JoDe crackvid in like, ever. Nicely done.

P.S: I so blame you if I get this stuck in my head and am stuck humming it in the school hallways. The inevitable funny looks are on your head!
Thanks!! There will definitely be more JoDe crack!vids from me. Just need the right songs and I'm sure Dean will take care of the rest. ;)

I've slowly become notorious for crack!vids. I even got the "Uncle Fucker" song from South Park stuck in a couple people's heads thanks to the totally fucked up Peter/Claire video I made, hehe. So yeah, I take full blame for any weird looks thrown your way today!

Deleted comment

Nobody does the brow thing quite like Jensen. =D

Dude, you OWN the internet! I had to comment TWICE here and on YT... I love it! Best pervy video of all time!
Man, that totally made my day. XD Thanks!! It was Dean's my pleasure. ;)

You can totally expect more pervy JoDe vids in the future.
That was awesome!!!

Really, really, really well done!
Thanks a mil!
Hehehe!! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was so much fun to make. =D

Thanks for watching!
That was good. I like Jo and I like you see them together :)
Thanks. =D I'm glad you liked it!

Deleted comment

Heehee. That's what I was going for! Glad you liked it! =D
Hehe, this is really funny and well-done. I love a McKay/Sheppard video to that song, so I'm thrilled someone used it for Supernatural and in that context because I like Dean/Jo. Thanks!
Hehehe. That song is so wonderfully perverted, there was no way I could let it slip by. ;) No problem! It was so much fun to make. =D
Oh my gosh!

I absolutely love this vid! The editing is perfect, the whole thing is hilarious, and it makes my shippy heart happy.

Could you possibly re-upload the wmv file to sendspace?

and maybe re-upload Crazy Bitch, too?

pretty please?
can you repost the video
can you repost the video